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The Most Amazing And Creative Fountains In The World

A good fountain does more than just keep your garden watered, or provide drinking water to people walking by. Creative Fountains are often the perfect finishing touch to great works of architecture, providing a dramatic flourish that wows crowds of spectators, and pulls in audiences from far and wide.

latona fountain the Palace of Versailles

Number Six Latona Fountain the Palace of Versailles is a very important part of French history in numerous ways not the least of which was its importance in both World War one and to but just in front of the palace is a creative fountains that has gotten the attention of many over the years called the letona fountain though sometimes it’s referred to as the fountain in front of Versailles is actually a depiction of a story of Roman mythology a mother Diana who sired the son of Jupiter in this case Apollo is besieged by many who would condemn the birth diana is seen crying out to jupiter for aid for their son while the common folk spit at her via the fountains water spouts the design of this fountain has inspired many other fountains over the years because of its layered look and the way that the fountains shoot both inward and outward depending on their position for those who are curious in the story Jupiter does hear their pleas transforming the mother and son into lizards or frogs depending on the interpretation and allowing them to get away obviously that’s not portrayed in the fountain

the Burj khalifa fountain

Number five the Burj khalifa fountain the building known as the Burj khalifa is actually the biggest building in the world today and it’s one that was finished in 2018 within Dubai as part of the construction of that build a man-made lake was forged and inside that lake is the Burj Kalifa fountain this fountain was made to be one of the highlights of the outside of the building including having water jets that shoot water upwards of 500 feet in the air in comparison the Burj Khalifa itself is actually 2700 plus feet in height so the fountains shoot around 1/5 of the height of the building

pagoda fountains located in Xi’an China

Number 4 big wild goose pagoda fountains located in Xi’an China the big wild goose pagoda fountains cover an astounding 111 thousand square meters of the area making it the largest fountain complex in all of Asia the massive fountain is actually shaped in the form of a tee and so big that it’s sectioned off into areas once called the hundred-meter waterfall pool eight-level plunge pool and Prelude music pool as the name suggests this is a musical fountain one that features many matrix patterns as well as lights and sounds that entrance the audience speaking of the audience the fountains are surrounded by benches so that everyone can have a seat the big wild goose pagoda fountains has the most benches and the longest light belt strip in the world today

trevi fountain

Number three trevi fountain can be found in Rome Italy and is widely considered one of the most famous and Creative Fountains in all the world one of the biggest reasons for this is that the fountain and its accompanying background were beautifully sculpted to truly deliver a unique experience upon visiting it within the fountain are various statues the most important of which is Oceanus who was the father of Neptune who was the god of the ocean if you didn’t know and it was through him not Neptune that the oceans truly came to be this is shown in the fountain via the waters all emanating from him into a wide Basin below his feet the beauty of the fountain has attracted not only people of Italy and around the world but many from Hollywood as the trevi fountain has been shown in many films over the years

fountain of wealth Singapore

Number two fountain of wealth Singapore as a country is survived to have some of the biggest and best things in the world and that includes having the biggest fountain in the world via the creative fountains of wealth but it’s more than just a simple of wealth for the country it’s actually meant to be a symbol of faith and unity itself you see the bronze ring that literally in circles the fountain and provides the holes for the water to flow down is actually based on the Hindu faith it’s the mandala which in this case represents the universe as a whole this symbol represents how everyone in the universe is equal in their quality in their life and just as every hole in the circle sends out the same amount of water so too are we in the Equality of life that we all deserve the fountain as a whole represents how Singapore accepts people of all nations and religions and does not turn them away based on the skin color or faith and does not turn them away based on their skin color or faith

Number one fountain of Nations Disney World is a place where families and the world come to gather in order to try and be happy and have fun but in 1982 that principle took on a whole new meaning that year was the year that the park known as Epcot was opened and with it came to a brand new fountain that was going to entertain people who were nearby but the owners of the park wanted the fountain of Nations to be more so they went and contacted representatives from around the world and asked them to bring water from their nations to Epcot and to this fountain 29 countries answered the call and in a showing of unity and peace gave their waters to the fountain now the fountain truly shoots out water from all over the world and both in the daytime and nighttime the fountain uses its 200 shooters of water to entertain those who can see and given how high the water can be shot at times it looks at points to go higher than Epcot itself a lot of people can note ahead see it well

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