Climatech: The Leader In Designing And Executing Fountains In KSA

Climatech: The Leader In Designing And Executing Fountains In KSA

Who is Climatech?

Climatech is an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Company who has a long experience in designing and executing fountains in KSA, ice rinks water parks, and landscaping projects. We provide all new designs and researches that are reliant on last scientific development by making comprehensive supervision, maintenance, and execution. We are partners with many local and international companies that provide high-quality equipment and Fountains In KSA.

Climatech has been at the forefront of creating innovative and site-specific water features for indoor and outdoor spaces.
For any 3 D rendering services related query Design and implementation of fountains, water surfaces, and waterfall

Climatech company offers integrated solutions for commercial and residential projects with suitable technical and aesthetic designs for the project interior areas and landscape in cooperated with international companies according to the following
– Fountains with several shapes and heights.
– Animated fountains with music.
 Waterfalls in their various forms.
– Water lighting of fountains

Waterfalls, and water surfaces.

Projects realized By Climatech

Here are Some of the largest projects carried out by Climatech in recent years:

Activity center, King Faisal University, El Hasa.

Courniche Dhabaa

Experts Medical center

Student House Building  Ministry of Education – Al Manas

Why Should I Choose Climatech?

Climatech provides the best Fountains design renders in the industry as per your requirement.

Our dedicated team guarantees you a professional service and
an elaborate installation with high quality accessories.

Climtech provides the luminous fountains that fit with your site and space.

Contact us now to get your 3D Fountain design.

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