Climatech projects: the dancing fountain a mix of water and art

If you’re looking for something different from dancing fountain shows or also known as musical fountain, Climatech may have the perfect solution.

Climatech is always the most prominent in creating innovative and site-specific water features for indoor and outdoor spaces and fountains of all kinds.  Climatech provides integrated solutions for commercial and residential projects with designs, technical and aesthetic appropriate to the project in the interior areas and landscape in collaboration with global companies according to the following

-Multi-shaped fountains and elevations

-Moving fountains with music

The dancing fountain provides a dynamic and pre-programmed display of water, causing the water column to rise and fall in a graceful pattern that gives a stunning mix of water and art .

When our customers want to make  dancing fountains , we provide them with advice on the project because the fountain requires a degree of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical precision and a number of electronic components .

Initial requirements for starting work on the dancing fountain project


Determine the number, type, location, height and exit angle of all the nozzles in the fountains

The arrangement of the nozzles will be crucial until one or more water choreography is completed in the dancing fountain.

Water pumps

Dry pumps or submersible pumps

Choose between one kind or another depends on the installation of  dancing fountains which we make nozzles, which provide all the water pump. This choice is necessary for the development of aquatic choreography that can be achieved in the dancing fountain

Power of pumps

Once you choose the type of pump (submerged or dry) and nozzles, we choose the power of these pumps through the pressure and flow that will be provided to the dancing fountain nozzles. This information is present in our technical sheet of each nozzles.

Frequency converter or direct start pumps

Our team determines whether the water pumps will be controlled by a frequency converter or, conversely, will be direct-start pumps . When the design needs the rise and fall of the water fountains of the dancing fountain in a controlled manner , we will choose a frequency converter. While if this problem is not necessary, it will be direct start pumps that reduce the complexity of programming and make the electrical project much cheaper , because frequency converters are expensive elements

Solenoid valves

Extra solenoid valves are ideal for fountain so you must select the nozzles to be controlled by these valves . They determine the stunning lighting factor with fountain music control. Although the ideal option is for each nozzle to have its own solenoid valve , the same can be done with submersible pumps .


We can choose between High quality LED (white or RGB) or filament (white or color with filters )

we can choose Individually control for the lighting of each color for each water jet, or make different combinations .

The more control the display of the fountain, the more options, but also the price of the control panel will be more expensive.


There are other accessories for dancing fountains that you need, such as anemometer or gauge level must be taken into account when designing the control panel.

3 D Design Fountain

Climatech provides the best 3 d design offers for fountains according to your requirements. you can get a design that enables you to see the fountain before installing it, to be the image closer to reality and to your expectations and that’s why we offer this unique service to our partners in Saudi Arabia and around the world

For any requirement related the dancing fountain project or to 3D design Services  ، contact us

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